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BMTC Mobile Application for Nokia Mobiles phones for FREE

Free BMTC Application From OVI Store

Just follow any of the below mentioned methods to download

  1. Via PC:
    1. Goto: http://store.ovi.com/content/230111
    2. Login with your Nokia/Ovi username & password
    3. Set your device
    4. Click on Download and select any of the download methods you wish.
  2. Directly on your nokia mobile:
    1. Launch "Nokia/Ovi store" in your mobile.
    2. Search for any of the keywords mentioned below :
      1. Bangalore
      2. Bus
      3. Bengaluru
      4. Bmtc
      5. Bus Information
      6. Hara
      7. BMTC Bus Info
      8. Airport
      9. Bangalore Airport
    3. Tap on download.
Just launch the "Airport Bus Info" App from applications. That's it you are ready to useā€¦. Its Free too

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